Drummer and percussionist Lukmil Perez, was born in La Habana, Cuba.  In 1999, he moved to Europe to take part in diverse projects.  After having performed  and recorded the album of trumpet player Mario Morejon "El Indio", he played regularly with diverse artists such as: Muriel Fowler (american soul-jazz singer) Spain, Sebastian Schunk (german pianist) tours in South America and Europe, Norberto Rodriguez (cuban guitarist) Spain, Julio Montalvo Colectivo (cuban trombone player) tours in Europe.

Currently established in France, Lukmil has greatly contributed to the international world music scene, with his experience in different styles such as rock, soul, hip-hop, funk, latin jazz, salsa, ska, reggae, bossa nova and jazz.  He has acquired experience taking part as the drummer and percussionist in different groups such as:  Ernesto Tito Puentes big band (latin jazz big band), Orlando Poleo (salsa group), Sergent Garcia (world music ska reggae), Olivier Manoury quartet (french jazz), Irving Acao quartet (latin jazz).
Performing regularly in the famous jazz clubs in Paris such as the Duc des Lombards (regularly in charge of hosting the 'Duc des Lombards' afterhours sessions, which has in perspective to discover new talents in the parisien jazz scene) Sunset/Sunside jazz club, Le Baiser Salé, Caveau de la Huchette, Caveau des Oubliettes, he has also played in famous concert halls: the Olympia, Zenith, Bercy, Cabaret Sauvage.  He has also participated in world music festivals such as : Jazz a Vienne, Jazz a Vannes, Montreux Jazz Festival, Jazz sous les Pommiers, Trieste Jazz Fest', North Sea Jazz Festival, Nice Jazz Festival, Jazz a Marciac, Barcelona Vol-Damm Jazz fest, and many more.

Lukmil is actually the drummer of the pianist Giovanni Mirabassi, who has released numerous albums within the last 10 years.  The next album featuring Lukmil Perez was recorded in Korea with a symphonic orchestra will be released in 2012.  Regular tours in european jazz festivals and jazz clubs throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Lukmil is also the current drummer of :
- Mélanie Dahan (France), who released her latest ablum 'Latine' in 2012 (featuring Lukmil Perez) This project tours regularly throughout Europe.
- Romain Collin (France) piano player based in the New York (USA) tours regularly throughout Europe.  Next tour in Europe in 2012.
- Alex Terrier (France) saxophone player based in New York (USA) regular tours throught Europe.
- Mario Canonge (France) piano player, regular tours in Europe, Asia and South America.
- Ivan Melon Lewis (Spain) cuban piano player, regular tours in Spain and album recordings
- Carlos Sardui (Spain) cuban trumet player, tours in spain and album recordings
He also regularly performs with : Paris Jazz Big Band, Nice Jazz Big Band, bassists Felipe Cabrera, Daryl Hall, Gianluca Renzi saxophone players Irving Acao, Baptiste Herbin, pianists Alain Jean-Marie, Leonardo Montana, Vincent Bidal, brazilian singer Catia Werneck,  guitarist Norberto Rodriguez and Minino Garay, Nicolas Folmer,  Julio Montalvo, Julito Padron, Yosvanni Terri...